delivery apps

What are delivery apps?

A local delivery app can either offer a set range of items, like Uber Essentials, or any item from anywhere on demand, like London-based takeout service . The latter has iOS and Android apps which make it possible to order anything you want from any restaurant you specify.

Postmates handles the delivery of products from both, stores and restaurants and works in 14 cities across the US. When a user places an order, a local courier or a so called “hipster on wheels”, will purchase and deliver the product from the closest restaurant or store where it is available in a given city.

DoorDash does local delivery from restaurants in about 45 minutes. It serves Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.

Instacart serves roughly the same cities as Postmates, but focuses more narrowly on users’ grocery shopping lists. How does Instacart work? It sends a personal shopper to the grocery store you point at, and the shopper delivers all you need in about an hour.

lets talk about local delivery apps. When I say “local delivery app”, I am talking about apps that connect local stores or restaurants with customers and handle the process of taking orders and product delivery.

How much money do local delivery apps make?

Every delivery app has a different pricing scheme. Usually you set a flat fee per delivery, part of which is kept by the messengers. A source of income for your delivery app can be the amount that you up charge on an item, or the commission fee a restaurant has to pay for the delivery service. This strategy means you get bigger profit as your business expands.