Curb Drivers

Curb is  bringing app technology to the taxi and sedan experience, Curb is offering riders choice, reliability and convenience whenever they ride.

Ride Charge was founded in 2007. Curb start as Taxi Magic, the first mobile app for ordering a ride, on-demand. After Apple introduced the App Store as a distribution platform for consumer apps, curb built Taxi Magic upon our existing technology and released it in January 2009. Over the next five years, they built a nationwide network of riders, drivers and taxi companies spanning 60 cities. In that time, curb technology powered millions of rides and highlighted the challenges facing everyday travelers.



Become a Curb Driver

Curb relies on partnerships with taxi and sedan companies nationwide.
Become a Curb Driver
For licensed drivers of taxis and other for-hire vehicles, Curb Driver allows you to receive ride orders from the Curb app.
To download Curb Driver you must have:
•A valid government ID
•A valid license to drive a for-hire vehicle (taxi, sedan or other)
•A working iOS or Android smartphone with a mobile data plan
•Approval from the Curb Team