Doordash Delivery Service

Founded in 2013 in a dorm room at Stanford, DoorDash began with a mission to empower local economies in a connected world. By building the on-demand delivery infrastructure for local cities, Doordash bring communities closer, one doorstep at a time.DoorDash is a technology company that enables on-demand delivery to empower local economies.and help small businesses grow, give underemployed people flexible work, and offer affordable convenience to consumers.

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Doordash requierments

Become a DoorDasher
DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service. Customers order meals and other items from their favorite local merchants and doordash deliver it directly to their doors.
doordash cover City Atlanta Bay Area Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Houston Indianapolis Los Angeles Minneapolis New York City Orange County Phoenix San Diego Seattle Toronto Vancouver and Washington, D.C.
Questions May you have?
What does this job entail?
Deliver food and other items from local merchants to customers.
What’s required for this job?
You must be 18 years old and have an iPhone or Android smartphone.
Are there any vehicle requirements for driving?
No! You can use any car to deliver. Just have 2 years of driving experience, valid driver’s license, insurance, and a clean driving record.
Is insurance provided?
Yes,doordash provide commercial auto insurance that covers up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties arising out of accidents while making a DoorDash delivery.
Are other vehicle types allowed?
Yes, you can use motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even walk in some markets. See the list of vehicle types when applying.
Where do we deliver?
We currently operate in 18 major metros across the nation. You can work in any of these areas!