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  • How is Car Sharing work

    Car Rental by the Hour

    Many budget travelers get into situations in which they need a car rental for a short time. They might rent the car for three days because circumstances make returning it difficult on the day it’s needed. Thus, they pay for three days when in reality they only used the car for a few hours.

    You now can make an online reservation for a two hour rental. It’s called car sharing and it’s gaining popularity all over the world.

    Here’s how it works at Hertz, which just initiated a new car sharing program called Hertz On Demand: Cars are parked at a specified location. Members of the program have a card they swipe to open a car they’ve reserved online.

    Travelers and residents literally share cars in London, Paris and New York under the program. Typical rates in New York are about $9-10 USD/hr. and about £3.95 ($6 USD) in London. You give Hertz permission to charge your credit card or debit card for each rental, and the company issues a financial statement periodically.

    Hertz offers three membership options, but only the Connect option is likely to interest budget travelers. You pay a $50 annual membership fee and $25 application fee, then a flat rate of $10/hour.

    These fees include insurance, gas, roadside assistance, maintenance, 180 daily miles and the universal key card. You simply return the car to the lot where you found it. There are fees for improper parking, lost cards and other problems. If you join, be sure you understand the expectations.


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