Ride sharing

Ride sharing 4 drivers
is a service that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice. This type of carpooling generally makes use of three recent technological advances:
GPS navigation devices to determine a driver’s route and arrange the shared ride
Smartphones for a traveler to request a ride from wherever they happen to be
Social networks to establish trust and accountability between drivers and passengers.
Every successful business is built on a solid business model that adequately meets the needs and interests of all parties that are involved with the business. Drivers are one of the most important aspects of the ride share companies.
Ridesharing can save you money!
Simply put, when you carpool, you will drive less and save money. These savings come from reduced maintenance costs (e.g., less frequent oil and air filter changes), savings on gasoline, and some insurance companies offer carpoolers reduced auto insurance rates.

The American Automobile Association estimates in their “Your Driving Costs” 2011 brochure, that it costs the average driver who drives 15,000 miles per year, 56.6 cents a mile for maintenance, insurance, license, registration, depreciation, finance charges and taxes. This estimate is based on fuel costs of $2.88 per gallon. With Long Island average pump prices of $3.89 as of April 5, 2011, the average cost per driving a vehicle getting 22 miles per gallon, the jumps to 61.2 cents per mile. In this scenario, if two people living nearby were to ride together on the 50-mile round trip commute each day and split the driving, each would save more than $3400 in commuting costs over the course of a year.Ride-sharing drivers see themselves as independent contractors, not employees.